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FORT HOOD COMMUNITY SERVICES COUNCIL AGENDA 22 January 2014 1. Opening Remarks CSC Chair 2. Administrative Announcements Ms. Mary Fitzgibbon Mary.l.fitzgibbon.CIV mail.mil 254-553-1593 3. Presentations:
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Lyness_cptmb.cptmail.mil 254-556-4160 a. Fort Hood Veterans Community Services CPT Scott Sousa Scott.sousaflmail.mil 254-552-2700 b. AVA-FORT HOOD FOUNDATION MUNICIPAL SERVICES COUNCIL GRICULTURAL COUNCIL 7 January 2014 6. Planning Documents and Minutes (Conducted by CSC) M&P M&P 8. Presentations: a. A Veteran's Memorial Service, September 17, 2013 Mr. Christopher P. Smith Christopher.P..Smith.cptmail.mil 257-334-8686 b. A Military Veteran Program in Fort Hood, March 2013 Mr. Scott Zuenschein Scott.z.zuenschein.cptmail.mil 254-557-3103 7. Presentations: a. Fort Hood Firefighters Association of Texas M&P M&P 8. Presentations: a. The History of AVA-FORT HEIGHTS M&P b. Fort Hood Police Department M&P b. The Fort Hood Community Services Center and the Future of Fort Hood M&P CSC Chair Ms. Mary Fitzgibbon Mary.l.fitzgibbon.civ mail.mil 254-383-1422 8. Open House: M&P The City Council, Houston Veterans, May 16, 2013 9. Administrative Plan and Budget and Budget Proposals: M&P City Council Proposals and Administrative Plan March 2013; M&P CSC Budget March 2012-May 13, 2013; M&P Budget December 2011; Fort Hood Fire and Police Department Proposals; M&P Budget for fiscal year 2013-2014; Fort Hood Community Services Center Program. 10. Presentations: a. Fort Hood Veterans' Center Board Chairwoman's Meeting April 17, 2013 Mr. Michael Lillis - Chairperson, Fort Hood Veterans' Center b. The Texas State Veterans Memorial Board Meeting November 20, 2011 Mr. Bill Hulick-Chairman, Texas State Veterans' Memorial Board. 10. Presentations a. The Fort Hood Community Services Center is Open for Business! Mr. David W. Smith (Committee Member) - President, Fort Hood Community Services Center c. Fort Hood CPT Michael Lyness "Welcome Back Mr. Lyness", April 14, 2013 d. Fort Hood CPT Scott Sousa and The History of Fort Hood
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[S] We are here in Houston, Texas which we have been told is the restaurant capital of the United States We're gonna test that theory out today by going to the best restaurants that Houston has to offer! [M] Now I'm a little concerned cuz we're jamming this all into like, one day And Simon has like a really fragile, baby tummy [S] Whaaat? [M] So he's gonna tap out by round 3 [S] Girl you crazy, you tapping out by round 2! [M] Bo bo bo I'm Simon! I'm full! I'm on a low-carb diet! Oooh! Bo bo bo [S] I'm here for meat! This is the right place for me! Right?! [M] Are you kidding me? YOU'RE GOING DOWN! [S] YOU'RE going down! [M] YOU'RE going down!! [S] YOU'RE GOING DOWN!!! [M] You're going dooown!! [S] I love you so much [Both] Oooh! *kissy noises* [Country-ish music~] [M] So you...wait... Leigh... I'm so confused... [S] I'm getting all misty-eyed right now [M] Okay so... [S] Huh [M] So we could do like... [S] Huh huh... huh huh [S+M] HAHAHAHA HA [M] Is this vegetable low-carb? Of course ;) [Background music] *drool* [S] Shiner Bock! Is there a place in Texas called Shiner? This is so great! [S+M] Lone Star! [M] It’s the national beer of Texas! [L] It is! *Giggling gleefully at the foods and meats* [S] So I got the beef brisket dinner with potato salad, some jambalaya… and...the most glorious piece of bread I have ever seen [M] It’s like a jalapeño bread [S] Cheesy, covered in jalapeño. And you can’t see this right now, but I’m so erect that the table is lifted up another couple of feet. [M] I got the po-boy with two kinds of meat: jalapeño sausage and this is the beef brisket on a french bread thingamabob We also got a baked potato which seems to be filled with meat [S] It’s more like meat with a side of baked potato [M] aaand...then we got the beef brisket. We got the...czech(?) sausage [S] And the ribs [M] and the ribs with uh...jalapeño bread [S] Jambalaya [M] Jambalaya and the jambalaya pinto beans [M] I don’t understand what I do here! [S] Oh man! [M] I’m coming in, going on your side [S] Oh man! [M] Okay...alright...here I go [S] I’m ready...I’m ready! Share with me [M] Mmm! *DOTHRAKI MAN WARRIOR BITE* [M] That’s great! [S] I love how no nonsense this is. It’s not like we have *cue European music* like, a reduction foam or whatnot like we got good meat, we got good bread, put ‘em together and eat it That’s how it should be! How’s that rib? Is that a good rib? [M] You’re not gonna like it [S] It’s a great rib! [M] Right? [S] It’s a great rib. [M] I know. Leigh, this is a great choice! [M] Mmhmm! *Thumbs up* [M] Kay [S] Well done! I love...living right now. [M] Ha! You’re gonna hate it in... ([S] I love living right now!) about 20 minutes when you’re like “I can’t eat anymore [L] Hey [S] Uhh! [L] Hey [S] Huhhh! [M] This can’t be stop one… *in denial* [L] Yeah yeah… [M] *whiny* I’m full and I wanna sleep What’s a beignet? [S] What’s a beignets? [M] Is it dessert? [S] Let’s go for beignets… [M] Alright...let’s go for beignets [M] Alright we are in...
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